JP Boutros on Traffic Safety for Ward 16 (Eglinton-Lawrence)

Traffic Safety

As a Ward 16 resident and parent, I know that traffic safety is crucial in our area, since many drivers use our East-West streets as thoroughfares to get from Bathurst to Avenue, or Avenue to Yonge.

Some candidates have promised to lower the speed limit – and I don’t think that would hurt, so I’d support a lower speed limit wherever there is local support.

But we can’t be naïve. Lower speed limits are rarely enforced, and many unsafe drivers who barrel through from one arterial road to another won’t care about a street sign.

So, early in the campaign, I committed to go further.

With neighborhood support and consultation in any given area , we should install more of the kind of traffic calming infrastructure you see in the Annex and Seaton Village, with bollards, car parking on one side, street breaks, speed bumps and other measures like those pictured above.