Update on Duplex Avenue construction

If you live in Ward 16, you know that there’s no access southbound on Duplex Av between Lawrence and Glencairn. It’s not ideal, to say the least, but it’s necessary.

Every time I see it all I think of R.E.M.’s “Can’t Get There From Here” . Nice song, not a nice feeling.

So, how long is this construction going to take? What exactly are they doing?

Well, I asked friends at the City’s Toronto Water Department (with the help of my dear former colleagues in Cllr. Stintz’s office) for an update to share with you…

Hi JP,

We are working on Duplex Ave. to rehabilitate the existing 750mm and 900mm watermain. Due to the sizes of the watermain the civil work portion had taken a longer time than what will usually take for smaller pipes.

At present we are at the stage of conducting CCTV camera work of the
existing watermain to determine the actual alignment and length before we can install the cured in place liner inside the pipe. We anticipate the entire project will take another 2 months. We are reviewing the traffic control set up with staff from Transportation Services Division to see if more advance signage would be required on site.

Upon completion of the rehabilitation we will backfill and restore all the
excavations on Duplex Ave.

So, it’ll be done before summer is up. It’s not ideal but it needs to be done. They will do what they can. My other big concern is that we need to rebuild – not just repave – Duplex Ave, from Eglinton to Lawrence. It is an important “minor arterial” road, essential to Ward 16. That’s happening soon, too. As long as we don’t have to revisit water pipe reconstruction along there for many years, it all seems to be getting done in the right order.

We can’t have another Avenue Road fiasco, where the entire road was a construction mess only three years after it was last a construction mess.



Toronto’s infrastructure is essential; it needs rebuilding, efficiently and without wasted time or money.

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