Save Bannockburn park plan tied to Scarborough Subway

“Save Bannockburn plan tied to Scarborough Subway” by Shawn Star of Town Crier

(Updated link from Town Crier)

From the article:
Boutros, who until February worked as a senior aide to Karen Stintz in her role as TTC chair, recently came out in opposition to his former boss and against the Scarborough subway.

He says the money being raised through taxes for the subway could be put to better use.

“You lose parks … because Rob Ford wants a subway.”

We’re delighted that this is an issue significant enough that candidates for council are coming up with proposals for, ” Patricia McMahon, a lead activist in the movement to save Bannockburn park, said. “ Not just giving statements that they support the greenspace — because, who are we kidding, who doesn’t support a park? — but it’s nice to see someone actually coming up with a proposal to pay for it.

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