Crosstown LRT construction sign… in St. Clements Parkette?

(Updates are at bottom, but here’s the story from June.)

I’m helping the tireless Daly McCarten of our Uptown Yonge BIA and Metrolinx to try to get an electric “Construction Notice” sign, which is on wheels, moved away from St. Clements Parkette. You may have seen it southbound on Yonge, just south of Briar Hill.

I tweeted about it in late May, honestly thinking it was a City installation and not that it was Metrolinx which had asked for it, to warn drivers about Crosstown LRT construction. Informing road users is fine but the location seemed illogical; it’s like putting a traffic sign on a building, not the road.  It’s off to the side and out of a driver’s (or cyclist’s) proper sightline.


Weird location, huh? Way off the street so already distracted drivers can’t really see it well without craning necks, and it’s in one of our rare urban green spaces.

I noticed it walking. (You can’t help but notice it if you’re walking.) It’s also precisely where Uptown Yonge BIA has its wonderful Christmas/Holiday Tree each year.


An electric sign could cost a considerable amount to maintain for months, even years. The simple orange signs we’re all familiar with may be more cost-effective, as long as they don’t detract from our sidewalks.

It’s by no means a huge issue until that beautiful tree needs to go up; Metrolinx will, hopefully, find somewhere else for this sign soon, perhaps closer to Roselawn, or back where the condo construction at 3018 Yonge is already taking up a lane.

During my time at City Hall, from the end of 2010 to this February, Metrolinx was very accommodating to Ward 16’s requests while building badly-needed infrastructure for our Ward 16 and Toronto. I certainly know Metrolinx’s Crosstown LRT team will work very hard both with Uptown Yonge BIA and, more importantly, with Monique at The Eglinton Way BIA, to help our Ward 16 businesses deal with the construction over then next few years.

(As an aside, here’s this week’s The Town Crier article discussing Eglinton Way BIA’s mitigation and Shop Local campaign during Crosstown construction )

I would be honoured to work with them all again in an official capacity, as your Councillor, to represent your needs.

No non-incumbent council candidate – city-wide – has the experience and knowledge I do to represent you on this massive project, or negotiate on your behalf on this and many other City issues.

Experience counts.

UPDATE: It’s gone!

By early July, we got the sign moved by a very understanding Metrolinx and Crosstown LRT team.

Happy to have helped Daly and Uptown Yonge BIA get this done, for Fall Fest and for the Christmas tree lighting.

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