Calculate your share of Scarborough Subway Tax (SST)!

Further to my post on my disagreement with the Scarborough Subway and Oliver Moore’s story in The Globe and Mail , Cameron MacLeod of CodeBlueTO put together a great calculator to let us know how much Scarborough Subway Tax (SST) my neighbours and I are paying, both annually and in total. It’s at . An example chart is below.

Is your home assessed at $600,000? Then the minimum total Scarborough Subway Tax (SST) to be paid is:


$900,000 assessment?


$1.5 million?


This is your money, which you’re paying through property tax, whether you own a car or not. This is taxpayer money which can be put to far better use in Toronto than a political football, er, subway we all don’t need.

Think of all the things you’d like to see done but aren’t because, “there’s no money,”:

  • Parks
  • Trees
  • Arenas
  • Roads
  • DRL
  • Better TTC service… next year!

Some or all are more likely to happen if we put this sizable SST money to use elsewhere. We can even return part of it.

It also doesn’t include the $700 million the federal government is taking from Canadians from Toronto and coast to coast to coast to subsidize this reversible subway mistake.

Cameron also added what the cost is relative to the Vehicle Registration Tax we paid until 2011. The VRT was repealed because of outcry from across the city. I feel the SST is more worthy of outcry because it goes to something experts say we don’t even need!

We need smart transit investment, not vote-buying folly. The LRT is fully-funded and would save Toronto $40 million each year in uploaded operating costs the TTC & City wouldn’t have to pay. Similar, top-level transit for $2 billion fewer taxpayer dollars is the alternative.

Want to calculate your SST? Go to and be surprised. Remember, we can reverse this if I’m elected. 23 like-minded Councillors of 45 is all it will take.

Please spread the word. This IS an election issue. Saying, “It’s done. We can move on,” does a disservice to voters who don’t know that it is not done, that the LRT Master Agreement is still valid. Premier Kathleen Wynne is waiting for this Toronto election to make a final decision, based on what the next council will decide: to keep the Master Agreement for LRTs with no additional cost, or stick us with a property tax hike until 2046 for a Scarborough Subway.

If thousand dollar umbrellas and plant-watering can be made into election issues, then multi-billion dollar, unnecessary, reversible political subway decisions should be the biggest issue.

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