Councillors Stintz & Matlow: Save Bannockburn School land

For months, the Save Bannockburn Park group and Councillor Karen Stintz have been trying to get the TDSB and outgoing Trustee Howard Goodman to relent from its OMB proceedings to sell the land to developers.  I’ve documented it on this website here

Indeed, Mayoral Candidate Stintz is making protecting such green space part of her election platfom, vowing to protect our publicly-owned school land from being sold off forever:

Yesterday, there were two coincidental developments (so to speak):

The TDSB told Shawn Star of Town Crier that they would brazenly ignore community concerns about publicly-owned land and appeal the Committee of Adjustment ruling, to sell to developers.

Later that day, the Toronto Star posted its story of Councillor Matlow looking to “ask council to dip into a municipal park acquisition fund to buy” the Glebe Manor Lawn Bowling Club in Davisville Village.

Both the Glebe Bowling Club and Ward 16’s Bannockburn Park are under threat of being lost as green spaces forever .  At the Bannockburn community meeting in May, Councillor Stintz asked publicly of Trustee Goodman to get the TDSB to wait for Council to find the funds from the City to get that property for the hundreds of residents who use it.  Trustee Goodman has failed; the TDSB is going to the OMB.

Now, Cllr. Matlow is about to ask for basically the same thing of Council.  I ask that Councillor Matlow and Councillor Stintz work together to get the support from Council for BOTH green spaces to be preserved.  I see no reason to not link the two together, as they are very similar cases except for the fact that one owner is private (Glebe).

I ask that Councillor Josh Matlow give Councillor Stintz his full support to access that same City fund he intends to use in order to save Bannockburn Park in advance of the TDSB appeal to the OMB, and that they work together now to work with others to get that fund used to save precious green space for generations.

There’s no time to waste. If I was Councillor, I’d ensure this happened. Mutual support for similar needs in such cases is essential.

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