A wonderful weekend in our community

This provincial election campaign will end on June 12. We don’t yet know what it will mean for Toronto but I’ve certainly learned that many of my neighbours just want to get on with it. They are focused on their lives and loved ones, and are (sort of) looking at this provincial election.

That said, it was a wonderful weekend around Yonge and Lawrence. Several street parties were again hosted by my neighbours, fellow parents who organize the days which our kids remember when they’ve all moved out (we hope).

Both Briar Hill and Glencairn hosted great street parties. The Glencairn one has been a part of our lives for several years, with many JRR parents organizing. It’s so good.

There was also Cycle Toronto’s event with Toronto Police’s 53 Division on bike safety and awareness, which took place Saturday in St. Clements Parkette. Daly from Uptown Yonge BIA was there, along with many others.

All in all, a great weekend. Many more to come!

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See you around!

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