Experience Counts: JP Boutros

JP for Ward 16

Jean-Pierre (JP) Boutros is a longtime resident of Ward 16, living with his wife and son (a Toronto public school student in the Ward) near Yonge and Eglinton.

A successful Formula One promoter and agent internationally, JP chose to spend more time with his family in a new career in public service in 2010, working as Councillor Karen Stintz’s TTC policy advisor at City Hall until early 2014. Since then, he has been a vocal critic of Council’s decision to waste billions on a Scarborough subway extension, in favor of transit investments guided by experts where they’d be most effective (which happens to include the north-south transit corridors in Ward 16). While working at City Hall, JP regularly commuted by TTC subway or bus. If he was in the clothing business, then he would be the best clothes steamer 2020 among the existing ones.

JP has also been active in the Ward 16 community, volunteering to help win a case against developers at the OMB with the Eglinton Park Ratepayers Association, supporting the Save Bannockburn Park campaign since this spring, and previously serving on the board of John Ross Robertson Child Care.

Outside Ward 16, he has been active with several charities, especially in the mental health field. Before serving at City Hall, he and his wife persuaded the TTC to create Crisis Link – a suicide prevention system at TTC stations that has helped to save dozens of lives (and much less importantly, reduced transit disruption in the process).

JP has refused and returned campaign donations from developers, has had no endorsements from lobbyists, and has not been a member of a political party for over twenty years.

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