JP Boutros on Eglinton Connects in Ward 16 (Eglinton-Lawrence)

Eglinton Connects & the Crosstown

As a transit policy advisor at City Hall, I helped the TTC Chair deliver the plans and the votes to build underground LRT service on Eglinton. The new Crosstown LRT will open up job opportunities in different neighborhoods for those who live in our area, it’ll bring customers to our BIAs and streetfront busineses, and it will reduce gridlock on east-west thoroughfares.

The City Planning Department has a plan called Eglinton Connects to improve the streetscape along the Crosstown route.

It’s an important plan. It’s designed to help foot passengers and cyclists to enter and exit Crosstown LRT stations safely into residential neighbourhoods.

I support Eglinton Connects, but with one key condition.

Here in our Ward, along Eglinton from Yonge Street west, the current City plan is to reduce vehicle traffic to just one lane of car, bus, truck and bike traffic.

This is unsafe – but the solution isn’t to blow up the whole plan and make our neighborhood more unsafe for pedestrians, as some other leading candidates would.

Instead, my plan is to remove onstreet parking on this stretch of Eglinton, freeing up enough room for an additional lane of traffic for HOV car travel, buses and cyclists.

This would, in turn, offer drivers from Ward 16 and elsewhere a smoother, safer flow of traffic unimpeded by cyclists and buses in the remaining lane.